Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

I was a very fit woman in my 3o’s when I was a carpenter in New York City.  I could eat what I wanted (I thought).  I worked all day and ate MacDonalds or ice cream at night.  That was when eating carbs and counting calories was the way to good health.  Since I was young and active I thought I could get away with anything foodwise.  Then (hear the drum roll), I retired.  I went from 135 to 195 in just a few years. When I realized that not only was I “over fluffy”, I was in my more “mature years”  Big sigh.  I decided to do some investigating and find out a better way to live so I would be a healthy “old lady.”

I had already been a personal trainer and a massage therapist and a life coach.  I decided to use what I knew, learned more and became a health coach and a nutrition advisor.  I also am a Certified Gut Health Advisor.  Woohoo!

I would love to continue my journey with you.



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